Log Maintenance

Marci Log Maintenance is an application which automatically can maintain (delete/compress) your logs.
It can be used either as standalone or with as an integration with WebsitePanel / DotNetPanel, which will make your users able to decide when their logs should be deleted/compressed.

The program is almost free, it costs 67 DKK / 9 € (euro) and you/your users will never have to think of your logs again!

In the program you can choose standard values and how often the program should run, for instance each night a "quite" time. 

Intergration with WebsitePanel / DotNetPanel

You can either use Marci Log Maintenance as standalone
- (A single value for deletion and compression for everyone)
or you can use it integrated with WebsitePanel
- (A standard value for everyone and the ability for a separate value for each website). 

System requirements

Windows 2000 Server or newer / Windows 2000 Professional or newer
Default hostingspace structure (Hostingspaces\User\Domain\Logs)
(Mssql Server)*

*If you want to use the integration with WebsitePanel..